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You can view a sampling of our recent designs and technical creations here. Contact us if you have a question, or you would like a quote for your business. Clicking on each site picture below will open up a separate browser window.

Cherry Creek Farm HOA

Purpose: Created clean and colorful website to efficiently communicate information, events, and documents to the members of the HOA. Includes a dynamic events calendar that is client controlled thru a simple web interface.
Technology: HTML, PHP, MySQL

Visit: Cherry Creek Farm HOA


Butler Indexing

Purpose: Redesigned business website for a client that orginally built her own website. Created professional, clean, economical design to display current information and testimonials about this professional indexing business.
Technology: HTML, Flash

Visit: Butler Indexing


Coder School

Purpose: Redesigned software business website to help distribute free educational programming software. Learn how to program using a fun 3D Java environment that makes it easy to get started. Website incorporates ClickBank E-commerce solution to sell additional lessons online. Forums and a Support section round out the informational and interactive sections to help generate interest and a sense of community thru the website.
Technology: HTML, PHP, Flash, E-Commerce, Forums

Visit: Coder School


Redstone Colorado

Purpose: Community website to inform visitors of local events, shops, lodging, dining, and activities. Clean design includes space for news and ads as needed in the future. New pages are easily added using a template design.
Technology: HTML, PHP, Weblog, Forums

Visit: Redstone Colorado


Marble Community Church

Purpose: Created a site to support a mountain church near Redstone, Colorado in their capital campaign to support a new fellowship hall. Website provides several ways to make donations, along with detailed photo galleries showing the progress of the building process.
Technology: HTML, CSS, Flash

Visit: Marble Community Church


AK Remodeling

Purpose: Created a new website to explain and display the many talents of expert craftsman - Andy Kotarbinski. Website includes many photos from completed projects and detailed testimonials from customers.
Technology: HTML, CSS, Flash

Visit: AK Remodeling


Scientific Creations

Purpose: Website created to generate sales leads and orders for several educational software program about Chemistry. E-commerce integrated with PayPal as a payment system. Site also contains testimonials, an FAQ, and screenshots of the software programs.
Technology: HTML, PHP, Flash, E-Commerce via PayPal

Visit: Scientific Creations


MetroAutosDirect - BMW

Purpose: Worked with national client to design the look for an online auto retailer, using clean, simple graphics, a flash intro, vehicle graphics that load randomly, and reworded text to describe the concept to site visitors. This same layout will be used for multiple auto retailers in multiple regions in the United States.
Technology: HTML, JavaScript, Flash

Visit: DFW BMW Direct

Front Range Steamway

Purpose: Provide local carpet cleaning company with informational website about their business and services, including a service request form to give them an edge in the marketplace and make it easier for consumers to contact them.
Technology: HTML, JavaScript, CGI

Visit: Front Range Steamway

Housing Investor

Purpose: Create a professional website for a local mortgage and financing company. Worked with owners to design site based around their needs and their vision. Added forms to give visitors value-added information. Added custom newsletter (MailManager) to allow site owners to more efficiently communicate with their visitors.
Technology: HTML, JavaScript, CGI

Visit: Housing Investor

Basket Impressions

Purpose: Provide visitors and customers with the ability to see and find out more about the wide range of gift products created by Basket Impressions. Added a custom store solution that integrates with existing credit card processing ability for an econmical e-commerce solution.
Technology: HTML, JavaScript, Flash, E-Commerce using PHP/MySQL

Visit: Basket Impressions

Around the World Catering

Purpose: Provide visitors and customers with information and detailed menus about the Personal Chef and Catering services of Around the World Catering. Make it easy for site visitors to get a good feel for what Chef Fate Fowler can do and then contact her to plan anything from a themed dinner event to a freezer stocking trip.
Technology: HTML, JavaScript

Visit: Around the World Catering

Royal Crest

Purpose: Provide visitors and customers with a vibrant and stunning look into the types of window blinds and dressing products that Royal Crest can provide on a national level. Make it easy for prospective customers to contact Royal Crest to discuss the kind of products they need for their home.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript

Visit: RoyalCrest, Inc.


Purpose: Enhanced to add more consistent look, navigation, load more efficiently, and be easier to maintain overall.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript, DHTML

Visit: HydroPro, Inc.


Purpose: Technical consultant providing wide range of enhancements and services during product concept and site design. Added CGI program to save scores and display the top 100 scores for each of the site's online games.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript, Perl/CGI, Flash, graphic design.

Visit: Xyzing


Clearveil Corporation

Purpose: Update information on Clearveil branded air purifiers and provide an online store for accessories.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript, E-Commerce using Mercantec SoftCart 5.0

Visit: Clearveil Corporation


Colorado Canines

Purpose: Provide information and an online store for a Boulder based all-natural bakery for dogs and cats. You can purchase many different Treats, Food, and Outdoor items for your pet!

Technology: HTML, JavaScript, Flash, E-Commerce PHP/MySQL

Visit: Colorado Canines



Purpose: Provide quality Futons and Frames nationwide via online store.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript, E-Commerce using Miva Merchant

Visit: XCELENT Inc


OSA Partners

Purpose: Created to promote an Executive Recruiting firm. Includes a Flash animation on the initial screen, sophisticate navigation on all pages, and several forms for submitting information.

Technology: HTML, Flash, JavaScript

Visit: OSA Partners
August Tenth

Purpose: Redesigned an existing Oracle software site for a more professional look. Used JavaScript for easy maintenance and for a unique, scrolling user testimonial feature.

Now using JavaScript to add a shopping cart and e-commerce.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript, E-commerce, DHTML

Visit: August Tenth

Puzzle Guy


Created to promote several crossword puzzle and word search products for seniors.

Enhanced to add more information, eye-popping graphics, a user poll, credit card ordering, and online puzzle playing capability.

This company no longer is in business. Site is for demonstration only.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript, Flash, E-commerce via PayPal

Visit: Puzzle Guy


LeJardin European Spa


Designed and created to promote a local Spa business. Contains information, pictures and prices about their many services.

Note: This company no longer is in business. Site is for demonstration only.

Technology: HTML, graphic design

Visit: LeJardin European Spa

Vacation in Italy

Purpose: Created to share a vacation with family and friends, by providing easy access to pictures and information online.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript, Flash

Visit: Italy Vacation

Vacation in Europe

Purpose: Created to share a vacation with family and friends, by providing easy access to pictures and information online.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript

Visit: European Vacation

Vanuatu Adventure

Purpose: Created to keep family and friends informed of news from two Peace Corps travelers. Uses a weblog news/announcement list that is managed via any browser.

Technology: HTML, JavaScript, Weblog

Visit: Amy and Brian's Vanuatu Adventure

Alan Switzer Personal Site

Purpose: Personal site of one of DecaTech's web designers. Uses a weblog for quick distribution of news and photos to friends and family. Main page randomly shows a different image each time it is viewed.

Technology: HTML, PHP, Weblog

Visit: Alan's Personal Site

Nuggets Hoops

Purpose: Originally created in 1995 to support a fan's passion for the NBA's Denver Nuggets. One of the longest standing Nuggets fan websites - is kept current in both look and its news and stats to support fans worldwide. Features an extensive archive and many automated features.

Technology: HTML, PHP, Weblog, Forums

Visit: Nuggets Hoops