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Using Microsoft FrontPage

If you use FrontPage, you should not use FTP as it can corrupt the required FrontPage Extensions, requiring a reinstallation of the extensions and republishing of your site.

These instructions apply to Microsoft FrontPage 2000. If you are using a different version, consult the product documentation for detailed instructions.

Before you can publish a page, you must ensure you have created a Web. To create a Web, select File > New Web and then follow the prompts.

To publish a page from FrontPage:

  1. From the FrontPage main window, select File > Publish Web. The Publish Web dialog box appears.

  2. Enter your domain name after the http:// prefix. For example:

  3. Click Publish.

    Click Options to select additional publish options. For more information, see the FrontPage documentation available via the Help menu.

  4. When the Name and Password dialog appears, enter you Master User name and password or your FTP account name and password created for you in SiteControl.

  5. Click OK. FrontPage establishes a connection to your Web server and begins transferring the selected files. When the file transfer is complete, the following dialog displays.

  6. Click Done.