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as of: 4-12-2012 11:31 PM MDT

DecaTech's UNIX based hosting plans currently will not receive any email from the following network addresses:

These network addresses have each attempted to send our servers large amounts of email in the last week. Each of these network (IP) addresses have been reported to various anti-SPAM databases on the internet.

If you are trying to send our server email, and you feel it is because of our currently blocked network addresses, contact your ISP to see what they can do to shut down the spammer.

Spammers, or the people who engage in sending unsolicited bulk email, inflict a great deal of damage and harm to the internet, but they can also be quite clever. Efforts to prevent spam are nearly always met with ingenious resistance and tricks to fool these efforts. Read more about the Definition of Spam from

Often, spammers find valid email addresses from websites, and use this address as the "From" address in the spam they send out. Unless you now how to read the details behind the email, aka the "header info" you may inadvertantly accuse the wrong person of sending you spam.


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